The Jezebel Remedy

Lisa and Joe Stone, married for twenty years and partners in their small law firm in Henry County, Virginia, handle less-than-glamorous cases, whether domestic disputes, personal injury settlements, or never-ending complaints from their cantankerous client Lettie VanSandt (“eccentric” by some accounts, “certifiable” by others).  When Lettie dies in a freakish fire, the Stones think it’s certainly possible that she was cooking meth at her trailer.  But details soon emerge that lead them to question how “accidental” her demise actually was, and settling her peculiar estate becomes endlessly complicated.

Before long, the Stones find themselves entangled in a corporate conspiracy that will require all their legal skills—not to mention some difficult ethical choices—for them to survive.  Meanwhile, Lisa is desperately trying to shield Joe from a secret, dreadful error that she would give anything to erase, even as his career—and her own—hangs in the balance.  In The Jezebel Remedy, Clark gives us a stunning portrait of a marriage, an intricate tour of the legal system, and a relentlessly entertaining story that is full of inventions, shocks and understanding.

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“Clark has a diabolical imagination, which he employs brilliantly.  To his unconventional thrillers, he brings a keen understanding of high principles as well as the realistic nuts and bolts of the legal profession.  The Jezebel Remedy is an intelligent and surprising legal thriller with a rich and realistic setting, blended seamlessly with the insightful story of a marriage.” –Greensboro News and Record

“Martin Clark is extremely, almost poetically, adept at dialogue and description.” –Washington Independent Review of Books

“Richly drawn.  Clark creates characters so warm, real and flawed that you can’t help but follow their misadventures.” –The Seattle Times

“Martin Clark entertains with every page of The Jezebel Remedy.  I have not loved the language of a writer as much as [since] I last read James Joyce.  Witty, beautiful, intriguing, genuine and entertaining.” –The Roanoke Times

“A great David-and-Goliath story about a husband and wife law firm in rural Virginia.  Legal thrills with all the quirks and comfort of small-town lawyering.” –Garden & Gun

“A legal thriller, but it’s far richer than the usual sort of book you think of when you see that description.  Clark propels you swiftly through the book with his delightfully wry prose.  Original, smart and breezily amusing…and damned good.” –Miami Herald

“The Jezebel Remedy is a cure for summer doldrums.” –Charlotte Observer

“Clark delivers a rollicking, comic legal thriller that encompasses false disguises, secret assignations, and a colorful cast of scene-stealing secondary characters.” –Booklist

“Completely original and vastly entertaining.  Martin Clark knows how to write and spin a great yarn.  I nominate The Jezebel Remedy for best-plotted and quirkiest legal thriller of the year.” –Nelson DeMille

“This fast-paced and delightfully unpredictable tale may accomplish much toward making Clark a household name.  Not only do the frequent plot twists keep the reader glued to the page, but Clark’s depiction of life in rural Virginia and the depth and sensitivity of his character portrayals make the book memorable for much more than its clever legal machinations.” –Library Journal (starred review)

“Clark has a practiced eye for the subtlety and nuance of everyday life.  He crafts a portrait of fine but flawed humans who find themselves unexpectedly thrust into the deep end of a system where the law can either be a life raft or dead weight.” –Bookpage

“Clark is, hands down, our finest legal-thriller writer, and this latest, about husband-and-wife attorneys whose client has made a huge pharmaceutical discovery does not disappoint.” –Entertainment Weekly

“There are few writers better at the legal thriller than Martin Clark.  The Jezebel Remedy is thoroughly addictive.” -Anniston Star


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